Publish Version Hook

Managing version is having some limitations in Liferay that users cannot publish the old version of the article. If user s want to publish the old version, they should expire all the versions of the article which we cannot revert back once done.

eg., a article has more than 100 versions since it has been modified for 100 times, but user wants to re-publish 1.1 version which is initial version of the article. Then, they have to expire all 99 versions [ 1.2 to 1.100 ] which is hectic and not safe for expiring all the articles in a huge content management portal as anytime we may need to revert back some version of the article.

This Publish Version Hook plugin helps content owner / editor to re-publish the any version of article without expiring the old versions.
User cannot publish the Multiple / Expired / Latest version of the article.

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