Liferay Properties Viewer

This project provides an improved view for searching and browsing system and portal properties, provides export, and helps in maintenance of configuration changes.


The view is similar to the "properties" tab under Server Administration, with two main differences:
  • users can search the properties by key and value, to quickly browse to a known property or find available properties without browsing the file
  • users can view the full value of a property. If the value is large, the value displayed will still be truncated but a "show" javascript link is available which will display the full value in a resizable AUI textarea.
Export is also available:
  • users can export either the full set of system/portal properties, or only the current search results
the exported properties file has the properties listed in key alphabetical order
  • users can select a "password safe" option - which will obfuscate any property with the key ending in "password".
The export feature may assist administrators who need to:
  • perform versioning or change management on Liferay system or portal properties.
manage multiple Liferay instances - exported properties can help quickly narrow down configuration differences between instances
  • attach the Liferay portal properties in a support ticket

If you need to compare an exported properties file with a normal properties file, simply upload the normal properties file into the Format feature. This returns the same set of properties, but in the same key alphabetical sort order as the export. You can then load the formatted properties and the exported properties in the diff tool of your choice to find the differences.

About Permeance:

Permeance is a Liferay Platinum Partner servicing Australia and New Zealand.
Permeance received the Liferay Community Excellence Award in 2012 and 2013 for our contributions to Liferay 6.1 and 6.2 testing; promoting Liferay in our region and our participation in general across the Liferay community.

Latest Changes

Add support for Liferay Portal 6.2

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