Liferay CE Akismet

  • Labs: This app is experimental and not supported by the developer.

This app integrates Liferay with Akismet. Akismet is a web-based service which automatically detects and eliminates spam from your Liferay message boards, blogs, and wikis. To use this app, obtain an API key from and configure it via Control Panel. Once this app is installed and enabled, each forum post, or comment on content such as blogs and wikis will be passed through Akismet. If the post is detected as spam, it will be rejected with a helpful error message.

Internet access is required for this app to work.

This app will appear in your Control Panel once installed.

Latest Changes
  • LPS-42414 Akismet: Mark as Spam link is missing in Control Panel > Message Boards
  • LPS-42733 By default arguments of language keys are translated and many times we don't want to translate them: Apply ...
  • LPS-42924 Using classNameLocalService directly instead of PortalUtil.getClassName** in ***LocalServiceImpl.
  • LPS-42968 Akismet: Clicking on Mark as Spam link doesn't work
  • LPS-43258 ClassNotFoundException when translating Hibernate exception in ClpSerializer
  • LPS-43599 Plugins SDK Environment builder for 6.2 generates as "master" instead of 6.2.x
  • LPS-43899 Akismet: after marking a wiki article as spam, the success message displays "Version 1" instead of "Version...
  • LPS-43927 Remove plugins-security-manager-portlet from 6.2.x+
  • LPS-46063 Akismet Plugin
  • LPS-46560 Akismet Portlet
  • SOS-2228 Untranslated social office plugin titles

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