Multi Company S3 Config

Liferay S3 Multi Company Config Plugin is developed by Surekha Technologies, which enables you to configure separate S3 stores buckets for the different liferay Instances(companies), So that the admin can manage the document library for the different liferay instances.

Key Features :
  • Easy to use
  • Control your liferay Instance’s s3 store buckets
  • Mange document library
  • Enhance the performance for upload and download files
Steps :
  • Navigate to Control Panel -> Virtual Instances -> click on the add icon(+) to add a new instance.
  • Check on the configure s3 bucket checkbox and add the s3 configuration detail to add s3 bucket in that instance.
  • Users can edit the S3 configuration for the instance if it’s not set already.
Notes :
  • Admin needs to configure the default instance s3 configurations.
  • Admin needs to restart the server after configuring the default instance s3 store configurations.
  • Admin can not update the configuration once it is set for the specific instance.

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