Meeting & Action Item Tracker

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Liferay plugin as a tool to manage meetings and action items. Action items are assigned to self when created and it can be assigned to any other person withing organization. Action items are loke To-Do list for an individual that he/she wants to maintain as work to be done. Other features are:

Action Items

1. Assign action item
2. Group action item
3. Share action item
4. Export action items in pdf / excel
5. Reminder on action item
6. Time binding with action items
7. Action item status and priority setup.
8. Rich text editor for detailing of action item
9. Comment transaction on every action item with assignee
10. Simple and single page module with all these features

1. Create meeting
2. Add participants to a meeting
3. Add action items discussed in a meeting
4. Add meeting note
5. Assign action items to anyone within organization

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