Zoe Resort

  • Labs: This app is experimental and not supported by the developer.

Zoe Resort utilizes a clean layout structure and large dedicated image spaces catering to the needs of the hotel and resort industry, with prominent banners throughout. The theme features a 3-3-3 columns layout, an image carousel, breadcrumbs, featured content, and footer social network links. We utilize a customizable "advanced footer" that includes a text blurb, footer navigation, footer links and social networking links. In the advanced footer you are able to replace any section with web content using a uniquely generated article ID.

This layout will appear in your Page Settings, under Available Themes once installed.

Latest Changes
  • LPS-32638 Update plugin theme VM variables to use _ instead of camelCase
  • LPS-32853 Resources Importer applies asset tags to web content that it shouldn't
  • LPS-33362 script follow the closing body tag is an Unexpected token in IE10
  • LPS-35353 As a Liferay Theme Developer, I would like to be able to import localized page titles
  • LPS-35418 As a plugin developer, I wish to have certain scripts executed when my plugin is deployed
  • LPS-35751 Resources importer web plugin fails to compile
  • LPS-35909 Add the ability to "recursively" add folders/documents to Document Library using ResourcesImporter.
  • LPS-35910 Add the ability to create both Public/Private Pages using resources-importer-web
  • LPS-36000 Add method Time#getRelativeTimeDescription
  • LPS-36506 There is no way to import private layouts using the Resources Importer's LAR import
  • LPS-37425 Resource importer fails if articles to import do not have translation to default locale

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