Liferay CE Private Plugin Installer

  • Labs: This app is experimental and not supported by the developer.

The Private Plugin Installer app allows developers and system administrators to hot deploy individual Liferay plugins using the Control Panel. It is a graphical front-end to the underlying Liferay plugin deployment and management mechanism, and eliminates the need to manually copy plugins into the underlying operating system's filesystem in order to hot deploy plugins (e.g. using FTP or SSH). It also enables the use of a private plugins repository. This app installs to the Plugins Installation tab in the Control Panel and adds a new sub-tab called "Private Plugins Installation". See the "Plugin Management" section of the Liferay User Guide for more details on setting up a plugin repository.

This app will appear in your Control Panel once installed.

Latest Changes
  • LPS-29678 Need to have the Edit Online button point to draft when a draft is present.
  • LPS-30228 When a User uses "Edit Document Online" from IE, they should be able to decide when to check in the file.
  • LPS-30551 Rename plugins SDK "clients" dir to "shared"
  • LPS-30578 CE portal-compat-hook and deploy-listener-hook incompatible with EE/CE portal
  • LPS-30733 Use referer URL to redirect after password update
  • LPS-36000 Add method Time#getRelativeTimeDescription
  • SOS-587 System fails to send an invitation confirmation to a non-existing member invited by e-mail
  • SOS-1281 Site Admins cannot cancel checkout in document library
  • SOS-1290 SO Plugins causes console errors when trying to add a repository in SO and in Portal
  • SOS-1292 Can't add repository with SO plugins

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