MongoDB Expando Adapter

This app replaces the backend storage system used for Liferay's "Expando" service framework to use MongoDB instead of the default SQL database used by the rest of Liferay. Many features in Liferay make use of Expandos (such as Document Data Lists and Custom User Attributes). If you need high performance in these areas, consider using MongoDB. MongoDB is an open source, document-oriented NoSQL database. MongoDB focuses on four main things: flexibility, power, speed, and ease of use. MongoDB stores data in JSON documents and contains built-in redundancy and high availability features. For more detail on MongoDB, visit There are multiple portlets included in this app.

This app installs as a Liferay service.

Latest Changes
  • LPS-43599 Plugins SDK Environment builder for 6.2 generates as "master" instead of 6.2.x
  • LPS-43927 Remove plugins-security-manager-portlet from 6.2.x+

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