Liferay Dynamic Data List Form

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A Dynamic Data List (DDL) is a user-defined collection of records, similar to a spreadsheet. The records in a Dynamic Data List are composed of various field types such as text, date, integer, check box, etc. These can be published as workflow-enabled forms that capture user information in different ways such as an RSVP, for tasks tracking, or for managing issues. This Dynamic Data List Form app allows you to display dynamic forms to users, allowing them to enter information in predefined lists. This app can also be configured to use a template to display the list in different ways depending on whether the user is viewing the entire list, or the details of a specific list record.

This app will appear in your Application menu once installed.

Latest Changes
  • LPS-35716 Label and value in not editable form fields look the same
  • LPS-42073 Document and Media portlet : Root folder lost after importing LAR
  • LPS-42733 By default arguments of language keys are translated and many times we don't want to translate them: Apply ...
  • LPS-43599 Plugins SDK Environment builder for 6.2 generates as "master" instead of 6.2.x
  • LPS-43589 Breadcrumb portlet configuration preview stops working after save
  • LPS-43927 Remove plugins-security-manager-portlet from 6.2.x+
  • LPS-46573 DDL Form Portlet
  • SOS-2228 Untranslated social office plugin titles

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