Mega pack of responsive layout templates for Liferay 7.1

Arcaduce layout templates provides various responsive layouts for your Liferay 7.1 pages.

Layouts have different stacking breakpoints which enables you perfect targeting for your
user base to achieve great user experience on every device (smartphone, table, PC etc.).
Breakpoints are 575 px, 767 px, 991 px and 1279 px.
The best way to figure out which devices uses your users the most is to look for these stats in
tools such as Google Analytics etc. and then use layout with breakpoint which suits the majority of
your users to achieve best user experience.

Please note that, in one drop-zone there could be multiple Liferay widgets under each other.

Layout sets has different thumbnail colors for quick recognition at Liferay control panel
which enables you high productivity while creating new pages.

Layouts HTML markup is developed according to Twitter Bootstrap 4 HTML/CSS framework rules, which is part
of Liferay 7.1, that means that they are universal and could be used with any Liferay 7.1 theme.

After deployment to Liferay server instance, layouts are available for all Liferay Sites/Themes.

To change layout of the page:
1.) login to Liferay Control Panel
2.) under your Liferay Site click Build
3.) then click to Pages
4.) on each page click on three dots and then click on Configure
5.) select which layout you want to use and click Save

Latest Changes

Compatibility with Liferay 7.1 GA3 and GA4.

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