Liferay CE Plugin for Google Drive™

  • Labs: This app is experimental and not supported by the developer.

The Liferay Plugin for Google Drive™ lets users create shortcuts to Google Drive™ files in their Documents and Media repositories. These documents can be viewed and managed from Documents and Media. Once deployed, you can configure this app from the Control Panel.

Latest Changes
  • LPS-100448 Use osgi contracts for javax.servlet-api
  • LPS-100951 Threadlock waiting for DDMStructureManager service
  • LPS-102075 Google Drive Shorcut actions
  • LPS-103252 Add Builders for map creation
  • LPS-105380 SourceFormatter Improvements
  • LPS-106614 GB English mis-spellings
  • LPS-106669 Update Freemarker to 2.3.29
  • LPS-111215 Apply part1
  • LPS-114344 Change creation of Google Docs Structure to new Data Engine
  • LPS-115716 Constants classes should be in package *.constants
  • LPS-122403 Add check to append Automatic Copy to lang keys
  • LPS-124811 Add limitation to loop size in Freemarker
  • LPS-75049 Drop support for "provided" configuration in gradle-plugins-defaults and move to "compileOnly"
  • LPS-77425 Create a task to increase all major versions of modules and portal artifacts
  • LPS-77578 Remove exported package from portal-instance-lifecycle
  • LPS-77699 Update Translations
  • LPS-77726 Remove exported packages from dynamic-data-mapping-io
  • LPS-79653 Portlet 3.0: Upgrade to the Portlet 3.0.0 API
  • LPS-79987 Restricting a non empty folder
  • LPS-80332 Add suite bnd bundle instruction
  • LPS-82343 Consolidate language keys
  • LPS-83172 Reorganize actions for plus menu in DM
  • LPS-84119 SourceFormatter improvements
  • LPS-84292 Refactor Dynamic Data Mapping IO API
  • LPS-85046 Warning message in console when starting portal if set locales.enabled in
  • LPS-86408 Set default Java version to 1.8 for OSGi projects
  • LPS-87590 Add Kazakh as a Community Language
  • LPS-90048 Fail to select file button when adding Google Docs on Firefox 52
  • LPS-91545 Change "Google Doc Shortcut" name
  • LPS-92212 "Google Drive Shortcut" appears twice in iframe when defining document type restrictions for folder
  • LPS-93275 Merge Google Drive and Google Docs credentials
  • LPS-94112 Cannot add google docs shortcut
  • LPS-94338 document-library-google-docs
  • LPS-94555 Add Tamil as a Community Language
  • LPS-95555 Unify osgi.core versions in build.gradle files
  • LPS-95799 Google Shortcut Preview page needs love
  • LPS-98877 Sync portlet-api version
  • LPS-98879 Sync servlet-api versions
  • LPS-99389 Migrate dynamic-data-mapping-service to use DS instead of Spring
  • LRQA-51488 Clarifying strings
  • RELEASE-3115 Dependency workaround for 7.3 DXP GA1
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