Scheduled Tasks

  • セキュリティの有効: このアプリケーションはLiferay's PACL Security Managerを使用しています
  • サブスクリプション・サービス: 更新のみ.

This is a control panel that lists the scheduled tasks in your Liferay environment. It shows the scheduled job name, group, storage type, job state, the job start time (when it was added) as well as the previous and next fire times. It can even pause and resume the tasks. Shows task details including next fire time in user's timezone.

The control panel can also show the current running jobs so the administrator can see what is taking a long time to run.

This control panel provides essential details to show the Liferay administrator the jobs that are scheduled in their environments and can help to explain when the jobs have run before and when they will again.


Added support for version 7.2.