Collaborative Document Editing with OnlyOffice

  • セキュリティの有効: このアプリケーションはLiferay's PACL Security Managerを使用しています
  • サブスクリプション・サービス: 更新のみ.

Collaborative Document Editing with OnlyOffice is a SMC plugins allows your end users to create, edit and co-edit documents inside Liferay Document and Media Library using a web browser thanks to OnlyOffice Platform.

Out of the box this plugin uses a demo installation of OnlyOffice provided by SMC. In order to use our software, your Liferay needs to have a public virtualHost. Read the documentation for details.

If you need to use this plugin on Liferay versions before 7.0 CE GA6 and DXP GA1 sp7 fill out the support form.

  • This release is for Liferay 7.2 CE and DXP.
  • Moved configuration to OSGi
  • Fix BackURL in add and edit window
  • Support OnlyOffice JWTToken
  • Fixes and improvements