Liferay Forms and Workflow

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Apps and Features: Calendar, Dynamic Data Lists, Dynamic Data Mapping, Forms, Polls, Workflow

An increase in productivity means you're saving time and effort; you’re becoming more efficient. The Forms and Workflow apps help you do that by giving you built-in calendars and the ability to create your own forms and list applications. These are powerful, flexible apps that can be quickly leveraged for basic tasks, or carefully configured and mastered to perfect business processes.

Need a quick survey or complex Sign Up form? Use the Liferay Forms app and make any forms you want. If there's a forms feature you need, this app probably has it.

Maybe you need an entire list application, and you need it today. Dynamic Data Lists lets you do it without any developer expertise.

Do you need personal calendars for your users, and/or site calendars? Do you need the calendar to be highly configurable? Use the Calendar app.

Would you like to initiate a review process when new content, or any new asset, is created? The Kaleo Workflow Engine lets you send any asset through review before it gets published.

Want to quickly get the opinion of your users on something? The Polls app is extremely easy to use.

This suite may contain modules that depend on Foundation suite modules. This suite is available in the Liferay bundle.

Latest Changes
  • LPS-88247 Form errors are not cleared if the field was visible and then became hidden disallowing the form to be subm...
  • LPS-88473 Values from Radio and Select fields are not being passed over to another language when adding them
  • LPS-88560 New Document Type page freezes
  • LPS-88571 Error message "An unexpected error occured within com.liferay.portlet.exportimport.service.impl.ExportImpor...
  • LPS-88612 Naming a form text field with a numeric value prevents its validation (7.0.x)
  • LPS-88633 Form field date formats ignore locales
  • LPS-88665 Create internal functional attribute getter and setter methods and to duplication in generated models
  • LPS-88707 Configuration page does not load until the page is refreshed
  • LPS-88790 DDM upgrade to 7.1 fails with NPE due to DDMStructure table's stats being locked
  • LPS-88813 DDM field values are copied from translation language to default language
  • LPS-88995 DDM upgrade to 7.1 fails with NPE due to DDMContent table's stats being locked
  • LPS-89177 Saved Form entry value is not shown when value from Data Providers have changed or disappeared
  • LPS-89362 Cannot choose if a form field is indexable
  • LPS-89365 A form field configured with Searchable=disabled is indexed in a field called ddm_none_*
  • LPS-89445 Uuid column bitmasks are never used by ServiceBuilder
  • LPS-89456 Keyword "system" should be escaped for MySQL 8.0
  • LPS-89567 StagedAuditedModel is not found when using service builder
  • LPS-89585 DDM Template selector uses Staging Group when ADTs are not staged
  • LPS-89655 Unable add Select from List fo form after adding it without option first time
  • LPS-90008 Exceptions incorrectly logged when operator NOT is used in a statement
  • LPS-90082 Asset can be edited while under workflow review
  • LPS-90126 Switching the days using the mini-calendar on the left should not change the selected view
  • LPS-90220 Kaleo Designer breaks with inclusion of '%' in workflow definition
  • LPS-90362 Cannot configure fields as "Not indexable" in webcontent structures
  • LPS-90453 Single selection Form field with non-english site default broken
  • LPS-90505 Site Admin is unable to select a Display Template for Navigation Menu
  • LPS-90699 Web content translations won't save properly
  • LPS-90728 Default language's content gets copied to added translations in Web Content
  • LPS-90920 When a required forms' date field is deleted it is not validated
  • LPS-91093 Invitation mail is sent to user before approval in Calendar
  • LPS-91149 "Disable" searchable option is reset to "Keyword" after reopening "properties" tab
  • LPS-91183 Translation does not persist for DM types
  • LPS-91342 Clean JAX-RS without RestBuilder (remove apio and port bulk-rest)
  • LPS-91343 Integrate portal-tools-java-parser with ServiceBuilder
  • LPS-91367 Date field doesn't show anymore a message informing the date is invalid. Instead it sets the current date
  • LPS-91388 Workflow designer may incorrectly assign the description of one notification to another if not all notifica...
  • LPS-91420 Integrate portal-tools-java-parser with SourcFormatter
  • LPS-91531 CDATA stripped in description tags for workflows
  • LPS-91735 Cannot export/import ddm structure in Global site between instances
  • LPS-91881 Web content's translation content gets overwritten, if user changes translation before the content fully loads
  • LPS-91949 My Workflow Tasks cannot be sorted
  • LPS-91970 Service Builder adds columns with db-column name as badColumnNames even if db-name is valid
  • LPS-91985 Special characters cannot be used in Form field names
  • LPS-92017 Avoid deep copy of DDMForm and DDMFormField
  • LPS-92039 Staging - Problems with creating Application Display Templates
  • LPS-92046 Group Ids are wrong after export and import
  • LPS-92069 Cannot comment on workflow task for a pending Knowledge Base article
  • LPS-92222 Error creating form if company doesn't have en_US as available locale
  • LPS-92334 Missing asterisk from required DDM field (image field)
  • LPS-92613 DDM field name can contain non-alphanumeric characters
  • LPS-93204 importing edited default structure creates duplicate default structure
  • LPS-93268 DDM field name can contain hyphen
  • LPS-93842 DDL record is displayed as JSON in case language is removed from Liferay instance
  • LPS-94032 Field Property "ReadOnly" not preserved when editing Kaleo Forms
  • LPS-94929 Kaleo Designer removes timer notification type from XML document when changing to view mode
  • LPS-95488 Cannot search for Workflow Task if the asset's name is an asset type
  • LPS-95604 Unnecessary modal appears after resizing screen
  • LPS-95735 Cannot upload Web Content Image with Update permissions
  • LPS-96018 Optimize Proxy creation
  • LPS-96237 Forms should inform that the timezone at the export process is GMT
  • LPS-96448 Exported ics file from calendar does not contain timezone information
  • LPS-96450 Calendar event gets duplicated after import ics file
  • LPS-96481 Turn on disabled Source Formatter checks and apply across private repos and subrepos
  • LPS-96597 Unable to assign Workflow Task
  • LPS-96785 Dates with 5 digit years are invalid in IE and FF
  • LPS-96792 Forms date field is cleared when there is an empty required date field present
  • LPS-96830 Avoid initialization of _escapedModelProxyProviderFunction when not needed
  • LPS-96833 Form widget loses reference of previous form after publishing to a remote live
  • LPS-96879 Multiple selection checkboxes are not checked if user language is set to a non-default language
  • LPS-96940 Issue Exporting Data from Contact Forms - Phone Numbers
  • LPS-97169 Deprecated CompanyProvider and remove its usages
  • LPS-97407 Javascript error thrown when repeatable items are removed and translation is changed.
  • LPS-97748 Assigning a workflow task - inactive Site Content Reviewer user included
  • LPS-97912 Forms text validations fails when text is similar to a double type format
  • LPS-98075 Form title disappear after the language is changed
  • LPS-98175 MyWorkflowTaskPortlet doesn't show tasks when a KaleoTaskInstanceToken exists in ES but not in DB
  • LPS-98198 Clean up export packages in bnd
  • LPS-98228 Repeatable HTML field becomes empty upon reorganization with drag&drop using CKeditor
  • LPS-98525 CalendarBooking updates causes deletion and creation of Child Bookings
  • LPS-98549 Asset publisher filtering and ordering by non-localizable structure field will show incorrect results for n...
  • LPS-98588 Predefined values are not retrieved in case of nested fields in DDM
  • LPS-98659 Adding repeatable text fields show incorrect translation on label
  • LPS-98776 Calendar: "CalendarResource" table is updated for each login
  • LPS-98828 No error message below an empty required field
  • LPS-98857 Select field does not display "Choose an Option" under high load
  • LPS-99154 Subject of email notifications for calendar event invitations display escaped special characters
  • LPS-99238 Even if a user does not have "Calendar > Calendar: Permissions", "Permissions" button is displayed for "Edi...
  • LPS-99252 Change retrieveFromCache persistence variable to useFinderCache
  • LPS-99287 NoSuchWorkflowDefinitionLinkException in case of importing a JournalFolder with a workflow configuration.
  • LPS-99386 When a valid “Redirect URL on Success” is configured the form does not redirect and instead a “No value is ...
  • LPS-99396 DDL should inform that the timezone at the export process is GMT
  • LPS-99488 Web Content's title for linked Web Content inside of Structure does not change in multilingual context
  • LPS-99505 Web content title disappears after clearing its translations' title.
  • LRDOCS-6300 Remove unnaccessible class references from Javadoc of generated classes
  • LRDOCS-8120 Javadoc: Don't tell API consumers to use the LocalServiceUtil
  • LRQA-51488 Clarifying strings
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