Mobile Browser Device Recognition Provider

This plugin uses regular expression rules over UA strings to detect devices. Generally the only info you need to know if is mobile browser and if is a tablet, that is what this plugin tries to detect.

The drawback of this approach is that is not possible to retrieve detailed features of the devices, but is an alternative to a repository-type plugin (such as wurfl).

Required Java version: 6

For Liferay EE 6.1 GA2 in clustered environment, to avoid "java.lang.ClassNotFoundException:" add following lines to, and uncomment "mobilebrowser.device.action.enabled" and "":

# Mobile browser device recognition provider
# Set this property to true to use
# in "" property.
# Also, disable
# See the property
# "" for detailed configuration.

#Override Liferay's default,

Latest Changes

-Fix java.lang.ClassNotFoundException: in clustered environments for Liferay 6.1x version
-Remove caching capabilities from device recognition provider class

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