Simpler Device Recognition Provider

This plugin uses simple rules over UA Strings to detect devices. Rules are declared in
With it you can use the mobiles rules provided by Liferay to adapt theme, layout template, redirect, etc.
It is intended as an alternative to a repository-type plugin (such as wurfl), considering it is much easier to maintain a small set of rules than a complete repository of any possible device in the world.

This plugin uses simple rules over "User-Agent" Strings to detect devices.
Most of the time you only want to know which OS you are on, and if it is a tablet: the rules set are designed this way.

You can customize and adapt your device detection to your needs:
Rules are declared in, the file is documented.
A simple set of rules is provided; you are free to complete it with the way you like.
If you need to, you can focus on a precise device type by creating a new group of rules over a precise UA match.
You can now support rooted smartphones or tablets, or even unknown and upcoming devices that are not yet supported by other providers !

Be aware that the drawback of this approach is that you can not retrieve detailed features of the devices, such as screen size, presence of a keyboard, etc. Only infos in "User-Agent" header will ever be useable.

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