Crafter Liferay CMS Integration

This app integrates Liferay with the state of the art open source CMS Crafter Studio ( Crafter Studio is an award-winning web content and experience management solution that allows organizations to build and manage rich online experiences on the web, mobile, social, and all digital online channels.

Crafter offers an open source, agile, and modern Java-based alternative to closed, proprietary WCM solutions from Oracle, Adobe, HP, Open Text, Documentum, and others. And Crafter provides a much higher performance solution when compared to other open source solutions that are closely-coupled to SQL databases or Apache Jackrabbit.

Crafter leverages best of breed free and open source software, including the Alfresco content platform, the Spring Framework, Freemarker Templating Language, Bootstrap, Google Analytics and Apache Solr.

Crafter Software offers two editions:

Community Edition: Fully featured, free and open source (GPL v3) with community support.
Enterprise Edition: Commercial license and enterprise support for a low annual subscription cost.

Crafter Liferay CMS Integration provides the capability to render articles authored and published in Crafter Studio. Currently, you can either render one single content or render a list of articles by searching a particular topic against websites managed by Crafter CMS.

You can find the full documentation of this app here:

Latest Changes

New feature: Help page.

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