Versions Limiter

Versions Limiter is a nonintrusive hook that allows you to limit the number of versions of the web contents.

You only need to set the "version.limiter.max.number.of.versions property" to the number of versions you want for your portal in your file (E.g: version.limiter.max.number.of.versions=3) and restart Liferay. That's all.


  • When you publish a web content it'll check the number of versions of this content and it'll only keep the last "version.limiter.max.number.of.versions" versions
  • Keep only the versions of a web content that you want.
  • Transparent for the end-user.
  • It doesn't overwrite any Liferay class or jsp.


  • Save disk space in your database (especially in huge portals). Along time you can reach hundreds or thousands of versions of each web content . Are you sure you need so many versions? If the answer is no, this is your hook.
  • Improve the performance of your portal. If your database is smaller its performance will be better. Pure logic. Believe me, you can reduce thousands and thousands of records in some database tables.
Latest Changes

Support for Liferay 6.2

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