Zoe Healthcare

  • Labs: This app is experimental and not supported by the developer.

Zoe Healthcare is a preset theme catering to the medical industry. Our theme includes features and templates that can produce custom layouts to outline medical services, chart out available health care plans, and schedule appointments using our form portlet. We utilize a customizable advanced footer that includes: a text blurb, footer navigation, footer links, and social networking links. In the advanced footer you are able to replace any section with web content using a uniquely generated article ID.

This layout will appear in your Page Settings, under Available Themes once installed.

Latest Changes
  • LPS-30661 Update plugins CSS to use SASS
  • LPS-32638 Update plugin theme VM variables to use _ instead of camelCase
  • LPS-32853 Resources Importer applies asset tags to web content that it shouldn't
  • LPS-33068 Cannot submit form if there is a paragraph type field followed by another type field
  • LPS-33362 script follow the closing body tag is an Unexpected token in IE10
  • LPS-35353 As a Liferay Theme Developer, I would like to be able to import localized page titles
  • LPS-35418 As a plugin developer, I wish to have certain scripts executed when my plugin is deployed
  • LPS-35751 Resources importer web plugin fails to compile
  • LPS-35909 Add the ability to "recursively" add folders/documents to Document Library using ResourcesImporter.
  • LPS-35910 Add the ability to create both Public/Private Pages using resources-importer-web
  • LPS-36000 Add method Time#getRelativeTimeDescription
  • LPS-36506 There is no way to import private layouts using the Resources Importer's LAR import
  • LPS-37196 Web Forms - Form Fields ratings and comments are missing at portlet configuration
  • LPS-37425 Resource importer fails if articles to import do not have translation to default locale

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