DataSync (Entreprise)

DataSync allows you to load your data without any difficulty and help you keep it up to date. The competing products are not as complete as DataSync:
  • Resource importer is too limited in its support :
  • LAR you cannot control data before import
  • Site initializer asks you to do Java classes to manage data

Data Sync solves all these issues and improves your experience with data loading

Featured headlights :
  • Human readable: your data is important so it's better to know what you are sending
  • Delta is the only way: when a data has already been loaded, why start again if nothing has changed? DataSync does it only when it's useful!
  • Wide variety of managed situations: deleted data to restore, data to be initialized without updating, partial update of data, ...
  • Clear separation of descriptors from your data and associated binary data
  • 17 types of automatic relations are possible to generate dynamic links when importing data, etc.
Supported data:
  • Web content : Folders, Journal Articles, Structures, Templates
  • Documents and Media : Folders, Documents, Documents Types, Metadata sets
  • Pages : Public & Private pages, Child pages, LayoutSet, Page templates
  • Messages boards : Categories, Threads
  • Categorization : Vocabularies, Categories, Child categories, Tags
  • Sites : Unlimited sites and theirs childs (with Guest and Global), Site templates
  • Administration : Users, Roles, User Groups, Organizations, Owners
  • Portal : Unlimited instances, Portal preferences, Custom fields, Application display templates
Latest Changes

Fix a crash with non english installation for categories

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