Voice Actions Portlet is developed by Surekha Technologies which gives you the control over your portal using your voice. Voice Actions Portlet will perform different action according to given voice command. Portlet will work with predefined voice commands. Users are able to extend the portlet capabilities by adding their own voice commands.

Voice Actions Portlet allows you to navigate through portal very easily and quickly. It allows users to give voice commands following by prefix-word (such as Hey portal). Currently, the interaction with portal is only available in English.

Key Features :
  • Easy to use
  • Control your LR portal using your voice
  • Easy navigation within portal
  • Can also work with custom voice commands
  • Browser independent
You can configure Voice Actions portlet in Liferay portal by following steps.
1. Just add the portlet in you portal’s page(The portlet is available under SurekhaTech category)
2. Add below property to portal-ext.properties file. This would be the prefix for any command.
  • voice.command.prefix.value=hey portal
To add new voice commands in Liferay portal,
  • Go to Control Panel → Apps → Voice Keyword Controller
  • Add your custom command with any proper redirection url or give element’s HTML id to perform click action.
  • You need to restart Liferay server after setting up above property in portal-ext.properties file.
  • By default this portlet supports login and logout actions. E.g, If you will say “ Hey portal login”, It will redirect you in login page. You will be able to add as many voice commands you want as per your need.
  • This portlet will only work with secure sites(HTTPS requests) in latest version of browsers.
  • Voice Actions will only work within the page where you have added the portlet. If you want to get it worked within the whole portal then you need to embed this portlet in your theme.

Do you have any queries? Please contact us at lrapps@surekhatech.com.

Latest Changes

Added support from LR 7.0 CEGA3 to latest one

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