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Liferay Portal

Liferay Portal è una piattaforma web di livello enterprise per realizzare soluzioni di business che diano risultati immediati e un valore a lungo termine.

What is Liferay Portal CE?

Liferay Portal CE is the open source version of Liferay's enterprise web platform for building business solutions that deliver immediate results and long-term value. It started out as a personal development project in 2000 and was open sourced in 2001.

Since then, Liferay Portal CE's popularity has skyrocketed, boasting over 4 million downloads in its lifetime and wide acclaim from industry experts to developers to business users. 

The project is still thriving with a vibrant community of over 45,000 that contributes to the growth and development of the platform.

To learn more about the Enterprise Edition, please visit our product pages. The features and benefits are the same, so you can learn about all of Liferay's capabilities there.

  • Averaging 100K downloads per month
  • Over 4M lifetime downloads
  • Enterprise Edition (EE) available with enterprise support
  • Community of over 45K members

Project Leads

Created by Brian Chan as a favor to a friend, Liferay Portal CE is now a project that incorporates the contributions and participation of fans worldwide. Here are a few of the more active players at Liferay, Inc.

Brian Chan

Chief Software Architect, Liferay

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Jorge Ferrer

Senior Software Architect, Liferay

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Raymond Auge

Senior Software Architect, Liferay

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Nate Cavanaugh

Director of UI Engineering, Liferay

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