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Recommendations for your

General Blogs 5 mars 2014 Par Nelson Aguayo Staff

Hi guys, I would like to share some important recommendations for your files.


First, you must remember the order for the overwrite properties. Liferay loads the values of the properties defined in the file (inside the portal-impl.jar), next overwrite with the values of the properties in, then overwrites with the values of, and finally overwrite with the values in the database.



  • Always read the (inside the portal-impl.jar), so you can know what behaviors you can control changing the values of different properties. 
  • If you are doing upgrades of liferay version please compare the of your actual version with the version of your upgrade, for example from 6.1 to 6.2 there are some properties new in 6.2 and some properties that don’t exists in 6.2 but exists in 6.1

for example mobile.device.styling.wap.enabled does not exists in 6.1, please take your time to check the properties when you work doing upgrades.

  • Please use only the file, always after install your environment, please rename the to, if you have those files, please take the properties inside the and paste inside the (check the properties, must be unique in the file)  and then delete the file.
  • You should be ordered with the contents of file, a best practice is copy with the comments from and use the value that you need, please don’t forget to copy with the comments, you are not the only one that is going to read the
  • If you are working with cluster, please define everything on the and not in the database (Server Administration), for example, may need to use different mail servers for every node, and the only way to do it, is using with different values per node (mail server connection), if you define the connection on the database (Server Administration) all your nodes are going to use the same SMTP server, don’t forgot this recommendation when you work with cluster.



I hope this article help you with one of the most important files in your Liferay Portal.


If you have any questions please leave a comment


Nelson Aguayo.

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