Folder Notifications

With this application, a user can subscribe to a folder in the Document Library. By doing so, he will automatically be notified by email when a new document is added to the folder or any of its sub-folders. The subscription is recursive and hence includes all depth levels of sub-folders.


  • Easy one-click subscription and un-subscription for users
  • Grouped subscription/un-subscription
  • Automatic email when a new document is added in the folder or any sub-folder
  • Email is sent individually to each subscriber and not using CC or BCC
  • Email includes direct links to the document and the containing folder for quick access
  • Email notifications can be enabled/disabled in the Control Panel (for example when importing a large number of documents)
  • Fully integrated hook with the document library
  • Easy installation, no configuration required
  • Uses the server mail settings
  • Available in all Liferay languages

Installation notes

By default, email notifications are disabled. To enable/disable email notifications:
Control panel > Portal settings > Email notifications > Neurones Folder Notifications

For the notifications to be enabled by default, add the following line in the file:

The "Action" button in the document library includes the buttons for the grouped subscription/un-subscription. It may not be displayed depending on the user's rights. If this is the case, contact us so that we can provide you with the necessary code.

Latest Changes

Added grouped subscription/un-subscription

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