Standards Participation

Liferay strongly believes in promoting interoperability of open platforms through standardization. This page lists Liferay's past and present contributions to open standards.

Java Community Process (JCP)

The JCP is the mechanism for developing standard technical specifications for Java technology. Liferay heavily relies on Java technology and contributes to a number of important specifications in the JCP, listed below:

OSGi Alliance

The OSGi Alliance is a worldwide consortium of technology innovators that advances a proven and mature process to create open specifications that enable the modular assembly of software built with Java technology. Liferay's modular architecture benefits greatly from OSGi concepts and is a proud member of the OSGi Alliance, and participates in the following areas:


OASIS (Organization for the Advancement of Structured Information Standards) is a non-profit consortium that drives the development, convergence and adoption of open standards for the global information society. Many important interoperability functions in Liferay are based on OASIS standards, and as such we participate in several related standards:

  • CMIS (Content Management Interoperability Services)
  • WSRP (Web Services for Remote Portlets)
  • CXS (Context Server)


OpenSocial is the industry's leading and most mature standards-based component model for cloud based social apps. The OpenSocial Foundation is an industry-recognized standards body dedicated to advancing the social web through community innovation and open source. Liferay supports OpenSocial as part of its collaboration functionality and participates in its evolution.