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Introduction #

This is a Frequently Asked Questions page for Liferay's WSRP feature.


What versions of Liferay support WSRP? #

All enterprise editions of Liferay will support WSRP 2.0. The community edition 6.0.x series supports WSRP as well.

What is WSRP? #

WSRP allows multiple portals to be setup as producers and consumers. If you have a Liferay instance with 200 portlets you will have extreme delays in updates and server reboots. WSRP will help mitigate this by giving each team their own portal from which they can serve their own portlets. This allows the main portal to consume all the portlets it needs without actually having to have them installed and deployed locally.

How will embedded resources (like images, js, css) will be handled, can they be accessed still through a WSRP Consumer? #

Resources, as long as they are using valid portlet URL's (resource URL's) will be properly proxied. If they are direct links they will remain that way.

How the user session is managed across portal servers #

One browser session equals one wsrp remote session. The sessions are synchronized between servers.

How will I pass parameters (user info, parameter from browser, parameter from gtb portal) to and from between the two portal servers #

As long as the portlet is Portlet 1.0 / 2.0 compliant all of this is handled transparently. Anything done outside of the portlet spec (ie accessing servlets directly) is not supported.

How will personalization be handled/stored/managed? #

This is handled by the remote server. If you have SSO properly set up then this should not be an issue. SSO between two portal servers needs to be customized for each portal server / SSO engine.

Does Liferay support be producer and consumer at the same time? #

Yes, it does. To accomplish that you should set the property in the

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About what versions of Liferay that support... mike webster 2009年12月4日 下午3:29
It's the first item in the FAQ. CE does not... Brett Swaim 2009年12月22日 上午8:48
Nice to see Liferay v6 Community Edition... Bruno Vernay 2010年5月7日 上午7:39
I dont see any produces or consumer by default... Sudheendra Singh 2010年5月13日 上午1:58

About what versions of Liferay that support WSRP...I have been given mixed comments about this answer. According to the 5.2 CE release notes WSRP is supported. Also, according to a recent forum posting another member mentioned WSRP is supported in both editions. Could we clarify this FAQ? Thanks in advance.
在 09-12-4 下午3:29 发帖。
It's the first item in the FAQ. CE does not support WSRP, only EE.
在 09-12-22 上午8:48 发帖以回复 mike webster
Nice to see Liferay v6 Community Edition supporting WSRP as well !!

在 10-5-7 上午7:39 发帖以回复 Brett Swaim
I dont see any produces or consumer by default nor could I find any wsrp portlet war plugin. I am using the CE. Is there any configuration I need to do to get WSRP working (assuming it is available in Liferay 6 CE)
在 10-5-13 上午1:58 发帖以回复 Bruno Vernay