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Meetups Portlet

Introduction #

The Meetups portlet allows you to post events for which users can register. The Meetups portlet is a part of the Social Networking plugin in 6.x; in versions prior to 6.x it is a part of the World of Liferay plugin.

Installation/Deployment #

The Meetups portlet is already contained in the Liferay distribution.

  • Place the meetup portlet on a page.
  • Ensure the privileges are set so the correct people can create meetups and the correct people can register to them.

Usage #

  • Create a meetup. Fill in the required fields. Everything can be edited at a later stage.

Questions #

  • How will other people see the date for the meetup?
  • Are there lists or other sorts of overview for big numbers of meetups?
  • Are there comfirmation mails or else?
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