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Liferay IDE 1.5 Release

Previous Liferay IDE 1.4 New and Noteworthy #

New features in 1.5 #

Liferay Hook Configuration Editor #

A new configuration editor for Liferay Hook has been added that adds advanced editing capability to liferay-hook.xml files. This complements the Liferay Hook Wizard that makes it easy to add new or new custom jsps to your project after the initial hook wizard.

Additional editing support in liferay-hook includes:

  • Specifying servlet filter hooks
  • Overriding liferay portal struts actions
  • Index post processors

Import wizards for Liferay Binary Plugins #

Using the new Import wizard you can import existing plugins from binary war into Liferay IDE as a source project.

Other enhancements #

  • JSP Debugging for Remote Liferay Servers
  • Remote Glassfish server support
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