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Introduction #

AlloyUI (AUI) is Liferay's open-source javascript library. It is built on Yahoo User Interface (YUI) and has support for a variety of advanced javascript functions specifically designed for portlets. It is available under the BSD License It is designed to take advantage of and incorporate patterns from the best libraries to make building robust and flexible web applications.

It is a JavaScript library, a CSS framework, a set of HTML recipes and a taglib library, all combined to empower developers across multi-skilled teams deliver rich and dynamic applications.


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Hi I am trying to adopt as much of the AUI... Dave Weitzel 2010年11月16日 上午6:08
Actually just realized that that was with the... Dave Weitzel 2010年11月16日 上午6:17
I'm just starting with Liferay and I think this... Mat Gritt 2011年7月6日 下午12:52

I am trying to adopt as much of the AUI interface as possible in the forms I am building for my portlets. There is one piece of documentation though that is sadly missing and that is the use of tags - i.e. we should be able to see the jsp code that generates the demo pages.

For instance I am trying to use the aui:panel tag but get jsp compilation errors that refer to a line in the code that seems to need a parentId:
parentId = panelFloatingContainerTag.getId();
Yet I have the panel inside a div which has a unique id.

There is no documentation indicating that this is required, and so I resort to looking for examples to mimic what they do to get things working.
在 10-11-16 上午6:08 发帖。
Actually just realized that that was with the older liferay-ui panel tag - as the aui:panel tag has no defaultState so cannot be closed to start with?
在 10-11-16 上午6:17 发帖以回复 Dave Weitzel
I'm just starting with Liferay and I think this is exactly what I need.
But I'm new to Java but have over 15 years experience with other web systems
Can you give me a blow by blow on where to start...
I can use "ant" just so basic walk through would be great...

在 11-7-6 下午12:52 发帖。