AUI Taglibs

AUI Taglib Creation Workflow #

1. Create a new component definition #


    <component name="NewTaglibNameTag"></component>

You could copy a similar, existing taglib as a base.

  • name="PascalCasing"(matches java class, used in inheritance)
  • alloyComponent="false" is only for porting existing liferay taglibs (defaults to true). <-- Is this correct?
  • module="..." attribute that allows taglib to write JSPs to a different folder, for example, module="aui-util-test" would write the jsps to a folder called aui-util-test.
  • bodyContent="true|false" changes support for passing body content into taglibs. If true, creates a start.jsp, otherwise, creates page.jsp.
  • taglibs>component>attributes>attribute
    • <name>camelCasing</name>
      • <inputType> is what the developer can pass into the taglib.
        • java.lang.Object (most generic)
          • [1,2,3] (ArrayList)
          • {a:1,b:2} (HashMap)
        • java.lang.String
          • This is a sample string (no quotes)
        • boolean
          • true | false
        • java.lang.Integer | java.lang.Double | java.lang.Long
          • 1 | 2 | ...
        • java.lang.Float
          • 1.123 | 32.3 | ...
      • <outputType> is the type of variable that the taglib jsp uses internally (does conversion in between)
        • java.util.ArrayList
          • [1,2,3] (ArrayList)
        • java.lang.HashMap
          • {a:1,b:2} (HashMap)
        • java.util.Map
          • java.util.Map vs java.lang.HashMap?
      • <defaultValue>
      • <required> (defaults to false).

2. Build taglibs #

X:\portal_dir\util-taglib>ant build-taglibs

You only need to do this once, unless your taglib definition, in liferay-aui.xml, changes.

Files that build-taglibs modifies:


Files that build-taglibs creates:

    page.jsp  //(if bodyContent="false" or missing)
    start.jsp //(if bodyContent="true")

3. Create end.jsp (if needed) #

  • When using bodyContent="true",  for use in body content wrapping.
  • Copy from start.jsp as a base.

4. Modify taglib #

  • Your new attributes from liferay-aui.xml are available as variables.
<%= exampleAttributeName %>
  • init.jsp
    • Avoid modifying this file because rebuilding (ant build-taglibs) your taglib will overwrite it.
  • init-ext.jspf
    • If needed, put the majority of JSP logic here, rather than in the JSPs below. 
  • page.jsp | start.jsp | end.jsp
    • Write HTML, <%= JSP Scriptlets  %>, and JSTL in these files.
  • Java files:
    • You may need to modify these, depending on your taglib usage. A compile/deploy/restart is required if you do so.
    • Avoid modifying because rebuilding (ant build-taglibs) your taglib will overwrite it.

5. Make use of the new taglib in an existing portlet (for convenience) #

  • Important note: When mixing strings and variables within your taglib attributes, you must wrap everything within a single JSP Scriptlet.
    • Incorrect: <aui:new-taglib-name attribute1="some string" attribute2="years:<%= someVariable %>">
    • Incorrect: <aui:new-taglib-name attribute1="some string" attribute2="<%= 'years:' + someVariable %>"> (because of single quotes)
    • Correct: <aui:new-taglib-name attribute1="some string" attribute2='<%= "years:" + someVariable %>'>
<aui:new-taglib-name taglibAttribute='<%= "years:" + someVariable %>'>
    <p>test 2</p>
    <p><%= someVariable %></p>

6. Deploy Portal (if not using Tomcat "Hot Deploy") #

X:\portal_dir>ant all

7. Launch Portal in browser #


8. Add "Some Portlet" to a page and test the taglib. #

9. Continue modifications under tomcat to avoid having to deploy. (if not using Tomcat "Hot Deploy") #


10. Back port changes done under tomcat to portal version. (if not using Tomcat "Hot Deploy") #

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