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Introducing the Launchpad Project (Developer Preview)

Company Blogs October 15, 2015 By Zeno Rocha Staff

At Liferay, we're always trying to make the life of developers easier. We're constantly improving our products and releasing new open source libraries. Helping people is what drives us.

Last week we presented the Launchpad Project for the first time at Devcon.

This is an initiative that we have been working for months and not many people had access to. Now, we're finally ready to share the news with all Liferay engineers.

What is the Launchpad Project?

The new Launchpad Project aims to be your project's back-end, period. Ambitious, I know, but Launchpad is a very versatile tool that does just that. Launchpad allows you to create REST APIs instantly, add a powerful cloud database, use a fast static hosting, and leverage real-time capabilities in your app. Regardless of what platform you work with, you'll be able to use native SDKs for mobile, desktop, and IoT devices.

Why should I use Launchpad?

When building a high scalable application there are many things you need to consider: performance bottlenecks, database resiliency and scalability, authentication, authorization, and static hosting to name a few. Launchpad is a new dynamic Liferay initiative, allowing you to handle all of your back-end challenges in one place. Focus on creating amazing user experiences, and Launchpad will take care of the rest.

How does Launchpad interact with your existing Liferay Portal solution?

Launchpad can be described as Liferay's API Gateway that can also be used standalone. Launchpad provides an infrastructure to deploy micro-services in a managed cloud infrastructure. Launchpad will have prebuilt adapters for Liferay services like document repository, content management, audience targeting, etc. You may create additional microservices that integrate with other enterprise applications like SAP, Salesforce, etc.

Using Launchpad, you may augment your existing Liferay solution with real-time notifications and a cloud based microservices platform.

Can I rely on Launchpad for apps in production?

The closed developer preview version of Launchpad is intended to collect developers feedback. We don't recommend you use it for production at this point.

Can Launchpad be installed on my own servers?

Launchpad's initial goal is to provide Backend as a Service deployed in the cloud. Most of the complexities of scaling and fault tolerance of your application is automatically managed by Launchpad.

What's next for this project?

There is still lots of questions to be answered, dozens of documentation to be written, and tons of features to be implemented. That's exactly why we decided to open this for the community. We need your feedback in order to create something awesome.

Join our developer preview now!

We're super excited to see what you will create.

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