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AlloyUI Presentation Agenda

General Blogs August 6, 2013 By Zeno Rocha Staff

We're very happy to announce several talks focused on the AlloyUI project at Liferay official events. If you're coming to any of those conferences below, enjoy that time to get in touch with our team members!


Liferay Developer Conference (Berlin, Germany)

On October, 9-10 will happen the Liferay Developer Conference, the first of its kind. It's going to be specifically targeted at developers and IT technical staff, so be prepared to dive deep, get your hands dirty, and to have a lot of fun! 

Day 1 - Neil Griffin will show how to integrate JSF components with AlloyUI using Liferay Faces Alloy project at 10:00am and Zeno Rocha will be giving the closing keynote about Liferay's 6.2 UI revolution.

Day 2 - Iliyan Peychev will introduce AutoComplete for Velocity and FreeMarker languages at 10:00am, Nate Cavanaugh will talk about responsive web design at 11:00am and Zeno Rocha will give another talk about AlloyUI 2.0 at 11:40am.

More information: liferay.com/web/devcon2013


Liferay Symposium Spain (Madrid, Spain)

A week later Liferay's fourth annual Symposium in Spain will be held in Madrid. Iliyan Peychev and Zeno Rocha will be there to represent the AlloyUI team.

More information: liferay.com/web/spain2013


Liferay Symposium North America (San Francisco, USA)

From Europe to North America. Join Eduardo Lundgren and Jonathan Mak in a 3-hour workshop that will happen on Sunday, 20th October at 3:00pm about how to use AlloyUI 1.7 on portlet developmentBesides that Nathan Cavanaugh will talk about AutoComplete for Velocity and FreeMarker languages on Monday, 21nd October at 4:10pm. Finally on Tuesday, 22nd October, Nathan will present how Mobile Web Development works in Liferay at 9:50am and Zeno Rocha will be speaking about AlloyUI 2.0  at 10:50am. 

More information: liferay.com/web/northamerica2013

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