Elasticsearch test environment for Liferay 7/ DXP

Technical Blogs November 5, 2017 By Yasuyuki Takeo Staff

While working on Elasticsearch debugging, I just made a docker-compose file to start up an external Elasticsearch with plugins that Liferay DXP / 7 installed with debugging tools. Hope this would be helpful for somebody working on investigation of search. The detailed usage is documented in README. The working version is Liferay 7 GA5 and Liferay DXP DE32

The repository is below.


Windows Server 2012 R2 + ADSF 3.0 SAML2.0 Integration With Liferay SAML Plugin for DXP

Technical Blogs October 18, 2017 By Yasuyuki Takeo Staff

Based on requests from internal or customers, I just created a document for integrating ADFS (on Windows 2012 R2) and Lifeary DXP with detailed steps. I hope this would be helpful for somebody struggling. 
The steps are available on my gist.

Damascus, a scaffolding service builder portlet with CRUD + Search, Workflow and more functionalities for Liferay DXP / 7.0

Technical Blogs June 12, 2017 By Yasuyuki Takeo Staff

What's Damascus?

Damascus generates scaffoldings of *-service, *-api and *-web bundles with CRUD functionality and integrating other Liferay related functionality based on a configuration, base.json.


Looking at other frameworks such as Ruby on rails, CakePHP, e.g, they all have CRUD scaffolding functionality for a quick start. Those scaffoldings also help to understand how the framework works and save developers time to figure out basics if you know the framework well. 
While working with partners and other vendors for projects in Japan for past 5 years, I've seen developers struggled to implement custom portlets on Liferay platform, say how to use assets, permissions, workflow or search, e.g. Because Liferay is much more powerful than other frameworks. In other words, Liferay is more complicated software than others.
Even for those who already know the basics of Liferay framework, there are repetitive implementations, like basic CRUD functionality.
Damascus aims for resolving that pain points.
Any feedbacks or contributions are always welcome!
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