September 16
Umer Sayeed and Kendra Fluegeman are now friends.
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January 30
Umer Sayeed and Shilpa B are now friends.
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October 21
Umer Sayeed and Alfredo Del Castillo Villalba are now friends.
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July 17
Umer Sayeed and Cindy C Kong are now friends.
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July 9
Umer Sayeed and Ahmad Heba Tul Baseet are now friends.
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June 30
Umer Sayeed and Ramalingam G are now friends.
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June 29
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June 4
Umer Sayeed and Angela Wu are now friends.
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March 6
Chs Riley replied to Umer Sayeed's message board post, RE: error during portlet development..,, in
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February 27
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