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Liferay IDE Error Reporter

Company Blogs August 1, 2017 By Terry Jia Staff

Today, I’d like to show new feature in Liferay IDE: Error Reporter.

Version: Liferay IDE/Liferay Developer Studio 3.1.1(unrelease).

When you are using Liferay IDE, once you meet any exceptions or error, Error Reporter can send the information to us to let us know what problems happened on your side.


Error Reporter is enable by default.

How to disable it:

  1. Click Preferences->General->Click Error Reporting

  2. Click Configure Projects


Now you can see there are two reporters are on, it is up to you if you want to enable or disable them.


Optional, you also can give us more details about yourself, it will help us to contact you and update the process and say thank to you!

Just type your own name and email:


Hope this Error Reporter can help us to improve Liferay IDE and make us closer to you!

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