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Searching entities through custom attribute value.

General Blogs April 5, 2014 By Sushil Patidar

If you need to search Users who has particular custom attribute value .Using liferay expando API ,this can be acheived easly as follows.

String attrValue ="IT";
String attributeName ="user-department-name";
String tableName = ExpandoTableConstants.DEFAULT_TABLE_NAME;
long classNameId =ClassNameLocalServiceUtil.getClassNameId(User.class);
List<ExpandoValue> expandoValues =ExpandoValueLocalServiceUtil.getColumnValues(companyId, classNameId, tableName, attributeName, attrValue, -1,-1);
for(ExpandoValue expandoValue:expandoValues)
  try {
      long userId = expandoValue.getClassPK();
      User user  =UserLocalServiceUtil.getUser(userId);
  catch(NoSuchUserException nsue) {
   _log.error("No Such User Exist");