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Digital Business and the Future of Work

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Stories of collaboration and change

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Creating a User Centric Digital Workplace Platform

If the digital workplace is a tool designed to increase employee productivity, then the chosen solution must be in a constant state of change in order to match the development in user demands caused by maturing company processes and external market pressures.

On the basis of a set of core use cases, this whitepaper makes an argumentation for flexibility in the underlying platform as being a vital aspect not only for creating, but perhaps more importantly, for keeping a digital workplace solution relevant and productive for your company.

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The Evolving Value of the Portal: From Knowledge Sharing to 360° Engagement

This white paper shows how portals have evolved from a simple systems of record to systems of engagement, reaching different target groups across various delivery channels.

Today, portals provide the chance to build digital platforms that put customers, employees and partners at the heart of the business. With this premise, it describes possibilities, highlights benefits and paints a compelling vision of what to expect next.

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Liferay on-site:

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7 July 2015 - OpenSource Open Standards 2015

Liferay is proud to be a strategic sponsor of the 2015 OpenSource Open Standard Conference in UK. Come and hear Liferay Europe Marketing Manager, Edmund Dueck, speak about how Liferay can provide the solutions to your business needs. Meet the Liferay team at our booth, and learn about portal technology from the leading open source web portal platform.

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21 -22 September 2015 - Gartner Digital Workplace

Liferay is a Silver Sponsor at Gartner Digital Work Summit 2015 in London.This event provides a comprehensive picture of what's new, what's changed and what's needed to drive engagement, collaboration and innovation between employees, customers and partners. Gartner analysts, leading vendors and prominent industry practitioners offered insights and best practices for thriving in the digital enterprise.

LPSF 2014
5. November 2015 - Liferay Portal Solutions Forum 2015

As last year Liferay invites you to the Solutions Forum to the Thistle Marble Arch in London. You will have the great opportunity to discuss your Business Strategies personally with the Liferay experts and the Senior Managemenet and to connect with them. Beside that you can expect to hear about exciting Case Studies and to get fresh input during the discussion groups ("Expert Exchange") related to the main theme Digital Business Strategy which includes the topics like Social Collaboration and Web 2.0.



A good Intranet and Social Collaboration Platform is not simply a product of coincidence. Especially if you want to see long term success you are dependent on solid, but also extremely flexible, solutions and approaches. Whether you have a general concern or you are moved by a specific question: we are happy to help you. Please fill in the form below and we will get in touch with you shortly.