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12:56 AM Hai, The solution you have provided is not really a solution as it would likely break several other major features in Liferay (global scope, shared content, potentially forgot password, login, guest portlets). What these users are describing is definitely not expected. I think you were too quick to close this and it should be reopened until more information can be gathered. However, that said - I can't reproduce the issue described above. I've just tested it in 6.1GA2 with all patches up until early August. I've created the roles as described, I've added blog/calendar/others. I've set them to only be visible by role1 (and owner) and then logged in as user2 who does not have the role. In all tests user2 can't see the portlets - they are blocked exactly as I would expect them to be. No one above has stated if they are using Public or Private pages which makes a huge difference because on Public Pages guest is automatically given guest access and you have to explicitly untick the box to hide the portlets from them (see screen). On private pages guest does not even register as a role. I've tested both and both work in my tests. Can anyone elaborate on the steps above to help me reproduce it? Perhaps one of the fix packs I've installed resolved this issue (in which case I suggest you install them all and see if the problem goes away)? I assume you have all unchecked the guest view permission if you are using Public Pages? See screenshots attached. Regards, Scott
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