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On Screen Helper (liferay.com javascript part 3)

Technical Blogs July 5, 2013 By Ryan Schuhler Staff

The last script I will share with you for now is one that I call on screen helper. This is also a simple script, but very useful when it comes to animations, transitions, and effects. Essentially all it is doing is adding classes when a given element enters the screen and removes them when it leaves. Combine this with some css3 and you have an endless amount of cool things you can do to make your website more interesting.

On Screen Helper

In order to use on screen helper all you need to do is add the class "on-screen-helper" to whatever element you desire. Then, when the element reaches the bottom of the visible screen the class "on-screen-bottom" will be added. When the element reaches the top of the screen the class "on-screen-top" will be added. After the element has completely left the visible screen both classes will be removed.

On screen helper allows you to add animations or transitions to elements which are triggered each time they enter the screen. You could add a css transition on .on-screen-bottom and then each time it entered the screen that transition would occur. This function can also be used for a paralax scrolling effect. Using the .on-screen-top class you could change a div to position:fixed when it reaches the top of the screen, resulting in the allusion of paralax scrolling.

See it in action here (to see the on screen helper adding the classes you can inspect the elements and watch the classes being added and removed)

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