July 21
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May 19
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12:57 PM Okay, I can revise depending on the answer to my question, but here's what I have: _change-recurring-event_: This works, or you can use *modify-a-repeating-event=Modify A Repeating Event* _cancel-this-change_: I'd make this simply *cancel=Cancel* _Would you like to change:_ This is fine, and can be left as is. If you want a longer message, you can use one of these-- Longer message 1: *You modified an event in a series of repeating events. You can apply this edit to this event, the entire series, or this and all following events in the series.* Longer message 2: *Would you like to change this event only, this and all future events in the series, or all of the events in the series?* Alternative shorter messages: *I want to modify:* *Scope of Changes* *Do you want your edits to affect only this event, or other events in the series?* Okay, I think all those work, so whatever you prefer is fine with me. On to the rest of the messages: These follow the format _Current Text_: *My Suggestion* _Only this event_ : *Single Event* _All other events in the series will remain the same_: *Only this event will be modified. The rest of the series will not change.* _Following events: *This Event and Future Events* _This and the following events will be changed_: *This event, and any future events in the series, will be modified.* _Any changes to future events will be lost_: *Any previous edits to future events will be overwritten.* _All events_: *Entire Series* _All events in the series will be changed_: *The modification will change the entire series of events.* _Any changes made to other events will be kept_: *Any events edited previously will not be affected by this modification.*
Russell Bohl commented on LPS-64645.
March 22
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Russell Bohl updated LPS-62104.
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