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Three Year-Olds

Company Blogs June 13, 2008 By Richard Sezov Staff

Here's a good story for a Friday: I'm running around today opening windows because it's hot, but not so hot as to turn on the air conditioner. I'm a little frustrated trying to get something to work, and so I want to get back to it. Because of this, I'm racing around the house trying to get the windows open as fast as possible.

Last room to enter is my three year-old daughter's room, and what I saw made me stop and smile:

She put an old diaper on one of her stuffed animals, and then put it to bed. Priceless.

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love it haha Ivan Cheung June 13, 2008 4:47 PM

love it haha
Posted on 6/13/08 4:47 PM.