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Liferay in Action: next to last chapter added to MEAP!

Company Blogs February 4, 2011 By Richard Sezov Staff

Well, we're marching right along on our way to completion. Manning has just updated the Liferay in Action MEAP with the next-to-last chapter, on Ext plugins. With this chapter, you learn all about Ext plugins, what they're for, and how you can use them. You also learn about the core of Liferay: what it's composed of and how it's architected. Along with this, you get a complete tour of how Liferay composes a page from browser request to page delivery. And since now all the plugin types have been covered, we discuss best practices for Liferay development, including guidelines on when to use each plugin type. 
I'm currently working on the last chapter of the book, so we're almost there! Chapter 10 will discuss a list of Liferay APIs you can use that can greatly enhance your site. You'll be surprised at all the things Liferay gives you, such as large project organization, friendly URLs, view level permission filtering, indexing, and a lot more! 
I'm really excited to be this close to being done. It's not too late to jump onboard the bus and get the book as I write it. I look forward to hearing your comments and feedback on the new chapter! 
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Hi Richard, great work! Should we give you our... Puj Z February 5, 2011 7:56 AM
If you have specific feedback about the book... Richard Sezov February 7, 2011 7:25 AM

Hi Richard, great work!

Should we give you our feedbacks here or in the Manning website?
Posted on 2/5/11 7:56 AM.
If you have specific feedback about the book (like, I screwed something up and need to fix it), the Manning form is the place to go.

General comments can go here.

Thanks for reading!
Posted on 2/7/11 7:25 AM in reply to Puj Z.