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Docs Weekly: A New Series

Company Blogs October 5, 2012 By Richard Sezov Staff

Since we haven't been announcing it much, you're probably unaware that we've recently started making weekly updates to the Liferay documentation. This is one of the reasons we haven't published the PDF or the book yet, though now we're
getting much closer to doing just that.

But I want to use this space to point out what's been updated recently, so you can see all the great new content we've been working so hard on. And after this, I'll be writing a weekly blog entry describing everything that's gone in that week. This is much easier than following Github commits, and it gives us the opportunity to hear what's most important to you. That, in turn, helps us to define the priorities for any upcoming documentation.

But first, I need to play catch up. To do that, I'm going to steal a couple of graphics that I'm planning to present with Jim Hinkey at Liferay's North American Symposium next week. Because of the relative size of the graphics, one resized better than the other. Regardless of that, it shows just how much of the new User Guide and Developer Guide is new material that we've added for the 6.1 release.

First, the User Guide:
User Guide New Sections
Next, the Developer Guide:

Finally, here's what we added this week:

- New JBoss 5.1 installation instructions

- New chapter on OpenSocial (see Cody Hoag's blog entry)

- New section on using the Android and iOS Liferay Sync clients

- Best practices for Struts Action Hooks

As always, comments are welcome, and thanks for reading!

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Awesome job Richard, I think documentation is... Jay Patel October 19, 2012 7:37 AM

Awesome job Richard, I think documentation is the key to learn new features of Liferay & I must say that these new improvements/additions to Liferay 6.1 documentation will help big time..Thanks again...
Posted on 10/19/12 7:37 AM.