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Liferay North American Symposium 2012 - Another whirlwind succes

Company Blogs October 10, 2012 By Ray Augé Staff

I'm almost back home from San Francisco after yesterday's completion of Liferay's 2012 North American Symposium. I'm quite exhausted but what a great event to be a part of. For this small town Canadian boy, travelling to historic big cities to meet with old friends I rarely get to see face to face is an experience I will never take for granted. Every turn through the crowd there seemed to result in either heartfelt handshake and a great "Nice to see you again!" with a community member or client I'd met once or twice or even, dare I say, in a big hug from someone I've been working with for years but have really only met in person a dozen times, perhaps less. And the pride that comes from seeing what people have done and dream to do with the humble project I began participating in and was later allowed to earn a living from those many years ago is sometimes... overwhelming. But you can't help but stay grounded when you see the deep intensity and passion people bring. You want to make sure that doesn't get lost, and between the two there seems to be little room for pretentiousness. I'm honoured to be given the opportunity to do the work I do and I hope to keep doing it for a long time. Once again it was great to see you all. To those I already knew, I wish you continued good health and happiness. To those I met for the first time, I wish you luck in your endeavors and hope to see you again at other Liferay events or even elsewhere and happy. Thanks for having me.
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It was great seeing you again Mr. Augé! I'll... David Rison October 11, 2012 6:13 AM
I had such an awesome time at this event! I am... John Joseph Ryan October 11, 2012 11:17 AM

It was great seeing you again Mr. Augé! I'll see you in a few? emoticon
Posted on 10/11/12 6:13 AM.
I had such an awesome time at this event! I am passionate about this product. Getting to see how nice everyone involved is and how the bigger picture is in line with my values, made me even more passionate and enthusiastic about the Liferay product and team. It is time to start waking people up about Liferay. Anyone who sees this that was there feel free to friend me. What an awesome event!
Posted on 10/11/12 11:17 AM.