Thread Solutions is a fast growing company in the ICT market both with private company customers and Public Administration ones and consists actually of two development units, both providing high profile skills with the leading market technologies. The WEB Development Unit offers Corporate Intranet, Extranet and Internet website, starting from the initial architecture defintion, going through the process of prototyping and User Interface design until the final development, delivery and deployment both as a hosted solution or relying on the customer's infrastructure. The WEB Unit provides also custom web application implementations based on the customer's needs. The technology used for the Web development is Liferay Portal, the leading open source portal platform for web portal development. Thread Solutions is part of Raytech, the Italian Network of Liferay Specialists (visit http://raytech.solutions for more info) The System Integration Unit operates in critical enterprise scenarios where different IT systems have to cooperate exchanging data and business events, often in realtime application, to support the business process of the Customer.
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