Placecube grows digital places for government, businesses, employees, partners and customers, created from cubes you can re-use. A UK leader in the integration and deployment of open source technologies and one of the most experienced Liferay partners, Placecube has over 15 years' successful track record supporting government and commercial organisations in the UK and internationally. Its core Digital Place product set delivers market leading place designs for local public service and global knowledge collaboration with clients including: Bristol City Council, Camden Council, ASM International and Icon Plc as well supporting collaboration at a national, regional and local level across the UK in areas of health, policing, policy and local service. As the creator of innovative knowledge collaboration solutions, including Knowledge Hub, the public sector platform that is used by more than 150,000 users from 5,000 organisations across 80 countries, Placecube is working directly with high profile user organisations including 100 Resilient Cities, the Cabinet Office, the Local Government Association, the Police ICT Company, Public Health England and the Improvement Service for Scotland.
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