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Radio Liferay Episode 4: Raymond Augé

Company Blogs September 28, 2011 By Olaf Kock Staff

Episode 4 of Radio Liferay is out. I'm speaking with Raymond Augé,  Sr. Software Architect at Liferay. We recorded this episode right after Liferay's Westcoast Symposium in the L.A. office. Unfortunately the room has some echo, but the content is well worth it.

podcast-logo We spoke about these topics - and probably more:

  • Internet coverage in Northern Ontario
  • Forums, IRC, Blog
  • The beauty of XML and XSLT (in 2004)
  • Bits of Liferay's history since 2004, e.g. the Sourceforge Mailinglist
  • Some Features Ray has been involved in: WCMS, Permissions, Document Repositories, Asset API, Service Builder, Staging, Search - basically most of what's somehow related to WCM.
  • The enjoyment of sharing information. Not disseminating information is counterproductive. (At this place I'd like to place a completely unrelated shoutout to JT - you know what for ;-) )
  • the benefits of keeping hands away from UI code.
  • (Learning english in this episode consists of my "inadvertently" stumbling across my tongue)
  • Feature talk: The new staging in 6.1, "site variations", how work on it was done.
  • The use of the different templating languages: Velocity, Freemarker, XSLT
  • WebContent and Templates can partly replace portlet & plugin development.  Documented on Ray's Blogpost Advanced Web Content Example with Ajax and Liferay Live presentation
  • OSGi, in Ray's Blog and on github

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This is inspiring and informative. Two boys and... Jack Bakker October 12, 2011 8:09 AM
what... no more comments than my big Love... Jack Bakker November 13, 2011 1:15 PM
[...] Jeff just had his 3rd birthray when we... Anonymous January 29, 2012 5:50 AM

This is inspiring and informative. Two boys and canoeing in northern Ontario. I have two very young girls in Newmarket. There names are OSGi and Git. Just kidding. Though I think your boys are older and more mature in those areas ... So core Liferay developers are real people. That is the big message I am thankful for here. Thanks Ray and Olaf. UI polishing.
Posted on 10/12/11 8:09 AM.
what... no more comments than my big Love Canadian Style ?

there is so much info in this episode... thanks for sharing
Posted on 11/13/11 1:15 PM.
[...] Jeff just had his 3rd birthray when we spoke, so he's in his fourth year now (I stole the term "birthray" from Julio someone in the spanish office - can't remember who it was though, help me to get... [...] Read More
Posted on 1/29/12 5:50 AM.