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Radio Liferay Episode 35: Greg Amerson and David Truong on Developer Tooling

General Blogs November 13, 2013 By Olaf Kock Staff

  At Devcon 2013 I've met with Greg Amerson, main Author/Team Lead for the Eclipse-based tooling (Liferay IDE & DevStudio) and David Truong, one of the very early employees of Liferay, Product Manager for Platform an Tooling. The topics we covered were all around Developer Tooling. There's a bit of background noise as we were recording this session in the break area of the conference. We had to limit ourselves to the time when some sessions were on, in order to find the quietest possible environment.

We talked about

  • Ray, a very new command line project that has been shown and discussed at DevCon, aiming to bring the ease of Application Development of Rails, Play Framework, Grails etc. to Liferay.
  • Ray is obviously a very new prototype, designed to rather gather feedback than to demonstrate a ready-for-use environment.
  • Ray will be Development-platform-agnostic, e.g. not tied to our eclipse-based developer offering. It's (currently) maven based, built on top of Spring Roo
  • Play with Ray and give feedback: Fork or Clone Greg's github version, the release will take at least half a year, but you now can influence what it will be able to do for you in future.
  • Ray is aiming to be cross-version compatible, due to this aim, the release plan will be completely independent on Liferay Portal's.
  • Liferay IDE 2.0 finally supports Maven, check the latest Milestone if the final version is not yet out.
  • Greg needs feedback (link forums) on typical Liferay-Maven-project structures to continue work on the maven integration
  • IDE 2.0 is scheduled to be out two weeks after Liferay Portal's GA for 6.2, but the Milestones are supposed to be stable. New features for 2.0: Maven, Freemarker-Debugger (for Themes in M1, for ADT in M2), new Project Wizard with support for more than the SDK
  • Underlying Topic in this episode: Feedback is key - if you give feedback early, you can bring your favorite things in.
  • IDE Roadmap: Tools that work across different environments - e.g. commandline tools like Ray, IntelliJ Idea, Netbeans or others.
  • Greg's move to china that we discussed back in Episode 15 and how to say "cheese" in mandarin.

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Again, shoutout and big thank you to Auphonic for postproduction help. This is a fantastic service!

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