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Radio Liferay Episode 32: Jack Rider

General Blogs August 7, 2013 By Olaf Kock Staff

 This week's guest is Jack Rider, from the mediterrean shore in Benidorm. He is a real Liferay veteran, having started with version 3.6, and has initiated quite a few very nice and well-usable projects.

Here are our topics:

  • Jack started in 2005 with Liferay 3.6, got first trained on Liferay 4.2 in 2007
  • He's working as a freelancer, specializing in Liferay, BPM and their integration
  • xmlportletfactory. This project generates simple CRUD portlets that make use of servicebuilder and many other aspects of the Liferay infrastructure. With many contributions from its community (e.g. Juan) more and more of the infrastructure is used: ServiceBuilder, Asset Framework, Workflow, IPC, Entity Relationships, Export to Excel, Activities,
  • xmlportletfactory is a one-time codegenerator: You generate once, then you can modify the resulting code.
  • The code is generated from templates - as it's open source (GPL3), of course you can change it.
  • Jack is also currently integrating BonitaBPM into Liferay. This replaces the Bonita Portal, you can interact with the Workflow engine from Liferay as well as from an  Android smartphone. This integration is expected to show up on the marketplace soon. It now has been published on marketplace.
  • As we speak about publication on the marketplace, let me insert a short&shameless pointer to my own fabulous podcasting app. It was not out when we recorded the podcast, but now it is.
  • bonitalife.org
  • Bonita being recognized by Gartner as the only open-source product that meets Gartner's definition of a BPMS.
  • Jack has another site, portlet.es - providing some sample portlets: A Sudoku generator (maybe it appears on marketplace soon), a Lexicon filter (e.g. for forums, blocking keywords), GroupNotification (find marketplace link) - (sends emails to all usergroups or site members)

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Again, shoutout and big thank you to Auphonic for postproduction help. This is a fantastic service!

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