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Radio Liferay Episode 20: Bruno Admin's Alter Ego Bruno Farache

Company Blogs March 6, 2012 By Olaf Kock Staff

  This is another celebrity show: I sat together with one of the well known faces of Liferay, giving a voice to it: You might know Bruno Farache better as his Alter Ego, Bruno Admin. If you ever installed Liferay CE, you probably know at least his portrait image which is the administrator's face greeting you on the default homepage and the one that you impersonate in order to make your first administrative steps.

We talked about

  • Bruno started 2007 with a Liferay Training in L.A.
  • founded the office as General Manager in Recife, Brazil in 2009
  • his experience with dressing up in the L.A. office
  • starting at Liferay (with the office rented from a church) meant that Bruno could tell his mother that he went to church every day
  • how he became Bruno Admin, seemingly taking the role from Julio, and what this means for attending a gym
  • Instead of handing out autographs, he got his own "flair", a pin that was handed out at the annual retreat for everybody who knew the password. Check out how much of the password he knows himself ;-)
  • The setup and responsibilities of the brazilian office and what he does in the time he's not "generally managing"
  • His responsibilities in Liferay Sync and the mobile story for the iOS and Android version
  • (some brags about my personal pet-peeve, Linux support for Sync ;-) )
  • What my previous company had in common with Liferay (hint: Name duplication - or triplication)

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Threaded Replies Author Date
great to hear Bruno, at first I thought that he... Gabriel Leon Leyva March 7, 2012 7:43 AM
Do you know that there's someone else, who has... Olaf Kock March 7, 2012 11:48 PM
When first time I have installed liferay, I... Vir Singh March 9, 2012 8:11 PM

great to hear Bruno, at first I thought that he was just a created user (fictitious) in liferay, I think that liferay is a big Family and its growing, Saludos desde México.

Bruno Farache's fan :=)
Posted on 3/7/12 7:43 AM.
Do you know that there's someone else, who has just changed names from Rich Editor to Rich Publisher? https://www.liferay.com/en/web/olaf.kock/blog/-/blogs/radio-liferay-episode-2%3A­-rich-sezov
Posted on 3/7/12 11:48 PM in reply to Gabriel Leon Leyva.
When first time I have installed liferay, I thought Bruno Admin is just a default created user in liferay. Good to know more about Bruno and growing liferay family emoticon
Posted on 3/9/12 8:11 PM.